Peer Judging explanation

After discussions with many entrants from the 2014 show and individuals at other car shows, we have decided to end the process of judging Classes by using our volunteers. Instead, we are going back to the “Peer Judging” method where you, as an entrant, will judge 1 to 8 Classes of vehicles depending on how many vehicles were originally in those classes. This is the method we used for the first 10 years of our event.

When you turn in your registration card at the Registration Table, you will be given a “Peer Judging” ballot that will have the names of a number of Classes on it as well as an empty box where you will put the number of the vehicle in that Class you liked the best. You will not be judging vehicles in your Class.

All results must be reported to the “Registration Table” at 11:30 PM at the very latest. Judging will start looking at their Class or Classes of vehicles at around 10:00 AM as most vehicles in the show should have arrived by that time. This gives the team an excellent head-start in looking at the vehicles.

Our Fort Adams show is an appearance event that mainly has a focus on the workmanship of the particular vehicle being shown, with a smaller regard for authenticity. Automobiles are grouped into Classes composed of similar types, and years of production, to facilitate judging; comparing apples to apples. The authenticity of the automobiles is not in question, except when an automobile clearly falls outside the criteria of the specific class (such as a Kit Car being in a Class where only original vehicles should be present).

Judging will not be on a points system but will be generally based by the peer-entrant judge on:

Exterior Quality-What is the quality of the bodywork and paint? If the bodywork has been altered, has it been done well? Is the finish just shiny or deep and lustrous? Is the paint smooth or orange peeled? Any overspray, runs, ripples, etc.? Dents? Chips? All panels aligned? Any doors sagging? Bumpers on straight?

Interior Quality-Is everything in good condition or truly excellent? Are the seats perfect and clean or ripped and dirty? Is the headliner intact and tight or drooping and baggy? Are the carpets clean and new looking or dirty and worn? Have modifications, such as gauges or aftermarket seats, been hacked in, or are they professional looking? Every piece of the interior should be clean and prepared; there should be no dirt on the floor mats or junk lying around on the seats.

Mechanical-We would prefer that the hood be raised. Does everything look neat and well put together? Is the quality of the workmanship good or great? Are the systems securely mounted? Is the engine compartment perfectly clean and detailed?

This is not judging as one would find at a high-end auto show (e.g., points, etc) but our goal is to certainly be fair to all entrants as possible. When you have finished looking at a particular Class and have determined winners; record your results on your ballot and return it to the Registration Table.

Judging Write-Up

All results must be reported to the “Registration Table” at 12 PM at the very latest.

When you have finished looking at a particular Class and have determined a winner; record your result on your ballot, look at the rest of your assigned Classes picking a winner in each, and then return it to the Registration Table.